In Bed With My Brother presents


When: Thursday 5th August 2021 

Performance Time: 7:30pm  

Tickets: Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: Approx. 45 mins 

Age Recommendation: 16+ 

Live Audience: Socially distanced tickets will be available and will sell out fast, audience numbers vary depending on restrictions. 

Online Audience: The performance will be live streamed   

As per government advice, we’ve retrained. We’ve spent the last year developing some skills. We’ve shaken hands with Rishi Sunak and promised him we’d show all you thespians how much more employable we are now.


For one night only, IN BED WITH MY BROTHER will present something so meaningless and completely chaotic that everyone will leave in agreement that theatre is dead. There will be prologues and narrative threads and several intervals. And they’ll all be boring. But we’ll still charge you 50 quid for an ice cream. [Exeunt] pursued by a career in cyber bay-beeeee.


1)    Retraining is a huge task. Almost as huge as the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. That’s right, we’re in Newcastle #ontour

2)    @RishiSunak thnx for all your work in making our jobs less viable and giving us more career options to explore #artistturnedbrainsurgeon

3)    Come and see us do some drinking and falling over at @alphabetti . Maybe in the real flesh or maybe online. Only Boris Johnson will decide.

4)    Retraining to be absolute legends. Wait, we don’t need to retrain for that…

5)    My Mum told me I could be anything I wanted to be. @Rishisunak told me I could only be a boxing heavyweight contender. I’m confused #jarring


“incredibly loud and refreshingly scary” (on We Are Ian)

The Telegraph


“you might want to have a drink first” (on We Are Ian)

The Guardian

Three performers have been collaged onto a red and yellow background. They wear blue overalls and wear hard hats and gloves. One of them holds rolls of blueprint plans and one holds their hands up in the air looking confused.