Dominic Bascombe and Karrim Jalali presents

(1 session)

When: Friday 6th August 2021

Session Time: 11am

Tickets: Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: Approx. 2 hours

Age Recommendation: 16+ 

Online Audience: The workshop will take place via Zoom. 

Is a contract valid if you just shake on it?

Do you know your implied from express terms?

Just how long is reasonable to wait to get paid?

Is it worthwhile going to court for breach of contract?

If you work in the entertainment industry and have ever struggled to understand a contract from an employer or an short term engager, this is the workshop for you.

This workshop will explore your understanding of contracts and help you understand the basics of a contractual agreement. It will cover the minimum requirements that should be agreed upon and the various terms that appear in many performers’ agreements.

This workshop will be led by Dominic Bascombe, Equity’s North East official and Karrim Jalali, Industrial official for Low Pay/No Pay.

Please note that all workshops are taking place online via Zoom and will not be available to attend in the venue.